It’s TEXAS. IT'S tradition. It’s a way of life.


Come listen to a story and a few quotes about a man named Ronny… Ronny Wenzel that is…

For years it’s been a Wenzel Family Tradition to make Grandma Wenzel’s Holiday Nut Cakes to share with family and friends. From the time Ronny Wenzel was 10 years old, it was his job to stir the cake mix; as this is a very thick and heavy mix, it was an extremely big job for a little boy…

Every year at Christmas, it continued to be Ronny’s job to “stir the cake” his Mother and Grandmother made. Since he was 10, Ronny hasn’t missed a year at this job with the exception of the years he served in the Armed Forces… and at that time, his Mother would send him a cake in his Christmas packages from home!

Today it continues to be Ronny’s job to “stir the cake” as he has continued his Grandma Wenzel’s Christmas tradition of baking these cakes and sharing them with us.

This is just a part of Grandmother Wenzel’s recipe…

Each recipe contains:

6 POUNDS of Pecans ~ 5 POUNDS of Dates ~ 4 POUNDS of Candied Fruit (Apricot Cake contains 4 POUNDS of Dried Apricots) ~ 3 POUNDS of Raisins ~ … & BRANDY


  • DON’T HEAT unless absolutely necessary

  • Keep in airtight containers as much as possible. Air will cause the Brandy to evaporate and therefore dry out the cake.

  • Use a serrated knife to cut the cake in a sawing motion; don’t cut down to slice.

Ronny & Sharla Wenzel

  • Koelling Wenzel: “No man finer puts as much intensity into his work. He was/is a great teacher. He tackles every project with extreme tenacity.”

  • Kent Wenzel: These are some of the Dutchman’s infamous quotes that I live by today… “Take care of the pennies, the dollars will take care of themselves!” and “It’s not how much you make, it’s how well you manage!”

  • Kevin Wenzel:  “A man of all seasons and can cook anything, Ron Wenzel brings an heirloom recipe to life with the following ingredients:  My father taught us to build, farm, and cook and we are all great cooks. He brought us up to cook and he has brought a recipe, Grandma Wenzel’s Nut Cake, von meinem Haus zu Ihrem (from our house to yours). They say California is the lowest part of the USA so that all the nuts roll there, Texas grows pecans and they’re loading down Wenzel fruitcake so it’s really a nut cake without imported nuts.”

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